72-Hour Fermented Artisan Pizza Dough made with Organic products delivered to your doorstep!

Do you want to make and eat the best pizza of your life, right in your own home? 

At Baking Steel, one of our key goals is helping you attain “the crust you crave” at home. Our Baking Steel appliance can help you attain the perfect restaurant-caliber crispy crust texture, but for the most incredible flavor experience, you’ve got to have the perfect dough. 

Our 72 hour dough is the ultimate component for pizza crust perfection. Made using only Organic ingredients, this legendary dough recipe is the result of much experimentation, trial and error, and many, many pounds of flour. An extended ferment time of 72 hours allows for optimum flavor and texture, yielding a crust unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. 

***Sidenote, with minimal amount of yeast used and long fermentation time, the dough/pizza is so much easier to digest than most commercially made doughs/pizzas.***

The catch? It takes time: this days-long fermenting period is necessary to give it the perfect texture, “chew”, and of course, flavor. 

We get it: for many people, the idea of starting dough on Tuesday for pizza on Friday can seem tedious, or will just simply slip their minds. 

We get it: you want the perfect pizza, but life and time constraints get in the way. 

The solution? Our new 72 hour dough delivery service! Now, you can have batches of our 72 hour dough delivered to your door, so that you can make restaurant-quality pizza at home, on your Baking Steel. When you order, you’ll receive 8 perfect portions of pizza dough, delivered at their peak texture and flavor. The portions will arrive ready to use right away, or they can be frozen until you’re ready to use them. 

From Baking Steel Inventor Andris Lagsdin: the Story of our 72 Hour Dough 

One of my favorite pizza dough recipes is Jim Lahey’s no-knead dough, on which this recipe is based. It’s simple, doesn’t require any equipment, and doesn’t make a big mess. (My wife disagrees about the mess: I have a talent for covering the kitchen in flour.) I make this dough at least once a week, sometimes quintupling the recipe and saving the extra balls of dough to use throughout the week or for the pizza classes I teach. 

Through the years, I have edited Jim’s original to make it my own. One change is that I use bread instead of all-purpose flour, which adds the perfect heft to your finished crust when baked at high heat in a home environment. And somewhat ironically, I actually knead the “no-knead” dough. After I incorporate all the ingredients I get my hands wet and knead the batch for 2 to 3 minutes. Without this step, I’ve ended up with dried clumps of flour in the dough. There are worse things in life, but we’re seekers of pizza perfection. 

This dough is simple and foolproof—but you do need TIME. Not hands on or working time, but time for a 24-hour rising period and then a 48-hour cold ferment. That’s 72 hours total, in case you don’t have a calculator. 

The first phase is a 24-hour period of allowing the dough to bulk ferment (or to rise as one unit before being divided into individual dough portions) at room temperature. 

Next, the dough is portioned into balls, and enters the portion of the recipe referred to as cold fermentation. This is when the dough will develop some real kick ass flavor. Cold fermentation slows down the activity of the yeast to produce amazing flavors in your dough. The “strike zone” for the dough, in terms of optimal texture and flavor, begins on day 3 (48 hours after the initial bulk ferment, or 72 hours total). While yes, it’s possible to make pizza dough in a shorter period of time, the full 72 hour method is what gives your dough a truly memorable taste and texture. 

About the Baking Steel

Offering our 72 hour dough for delivery is a natural progression for the Baking Steel brand. The Baking Steel itself is a Kickstarter success story, offering home cooks a way to make restaurant-caliber dishes at home. 

The Baking Steel is a baking stone made from ultra-conductive steel. Inspired by Modernist Cuisine, the Baking Steel is more conductive cooking surface than stone and stores up to 18 times more energy than a traditional baking stone. Because of that conductivity, it cooks faster and more evenly at a lower temperature, resulting in a beautiful, thin, crispy crust. 

72 Hour Dough + Baking Steel = Your Recipe for Pizza Perfection 

As the Baking Steel brand has grown, so has the following for our pizza creations. Showcased on social media, the Baking Steel Blog, the new book Baking With Steel, and multiple media outlets, people can’t get enough of the creative and delicious concoctions made on the Baking Steel. 

This 72 hour dough will allow you to create Baking Steel magic at home so you can see for yourself how the perfect dough can allow your creativity to flourish and for the flavor to match the perfection of the texture the Baking Steel helps you attain. 

72 Hour Dough: Not Just for Pizza! 

While the 8 portions of dough you’ll receive are perfect for making pizzas, they can also be used for other recipes as well. Our new book, Baking With Steel, features many different recipes that you can create using our 72 hour dough, including: 

  • Homemade tomato focaccia 
  • Grissini bread sticks 
  • Ciabatta 
  • Stromboli 

Who is this product for? 

Our 72 hour dough is ideal for a number of different customers, including:

Busy foodies. Even if you’re a real foodie and enjoy making your own pizza dough, you don’t always have time to DIY. By ordering our 72 hour dough, you’ll have a high quality product at the ready which will allow you to create professional-tasting gourmet pizza at home that will meet your flavor standards. 

Baking Steel newbies. If you’re new to the world of Baking Steel and just learning how things work, an order of our 72 hour pizza dough can help build your confidence as a pizza maker. The dough is ready to go, so you can stretch it and top as you please, and focus on acclimating yourself to working with the Baking Steel. 

Instagram enthusiasts. If you follow Baking Steel on Instagram, chances are you’ve been tempted by our mouthwatering pizza photos. By ordering our dough, you’ll have portions of the exact same dough you see in our pictures. Not only can you really taste the results for yourself, but you’ll undoubtedly end up with some great Instagram photos of your own. Don’t forget to tag us (@bakingsteel) and use the hashtag #bakingsteel as well!