Create Some Love: Prepared Meals

Create Some Love Prepared Meals are here to make your life easy, creating healthy, balanced meals for you and your family. Delivered twice a week, five days worth of food will be fully prepared for you to consume within just minutes of walking through your door. The meals are made to be consumed within the timeframe of the days delivered and are 80-100% fully cooked depending on the dish. Meaning, you may have to finish the bake on a lasagna, or heat up you veggies. What's the advantage of having CSL do this for you? Save time, money, sanity, and sponges. Cleaning your kitchen has never been easier. We use Pyrex dishes and FoodSaver vacuum sealed bag for all of our food dishes. All we ask is that they are clean when we pick them up. Of course, we are able to cater to any and all dietary restrictions. Choose the week before which dishes you want from our menu and get ready to eat gourmet foods without all the stress and time it usually takes! CSL Prepared Meals is here to change your life!

Sample Menu Choice

Chicken with Roasted Vegetables and Beans

On a simple diet? Trying to lose weight? We cook healthy, still very delicious meals for you. Let us know what works. We want to hear from you! Leave feedback with our team!

Friday Night Pizza Night

Make Friday into Family Pizza Night

Want to ge the whole family together for Family Pizza Night? So do we! We will set you for success! From all the dough and toppings you need, to even the tools to use!

Local Farm's Veggies Going Into Your Dinners!

We only use the best!

We work closely with local, Organic farms for the majority of the vegetables and such that go into each and every one of your dishes. Why sacrifice quality when its going into your family's belly!

So you want to know more or see what it's all about? Here's the deal. There is no commitment besides the week that you are signed up for. Start, stop, pause, go on vacation, it's all good. Let us know what your schedule is and we will make it work. We deliver Mondays and Thursdays during the week. What's the cost? It depends on the size family you have/ how much you eat, but typically:

  • Family of four: 5 meals a week: $289
  • Family of two: 5 meals a week: $189
  • Family of four: 3 meals a week: $219
  • Family of two: 3 meals a week: $119

How to sign up? Email us below! Have questions? Let us know below too!

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